My Life As A Bird

My Life As A Bird

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foolyoulovesomehow asked: 6 & 12! :)

Already did 12 :)

6. favorite band

Favourites at the moment are 2NE1 and f(x). Favourite band of all time is, without a doubt, Queen.

Also, Neko Case and Chris Isaak are my favourite solo artists :D

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regionsofkindness asked: 1, 9, 12, 13!

1. the meaning behind my url

"My Life As A Bird" is the title of a Charles DeLint short story. I’ve always just liked the way it sounds :) Also, I’m pretty sure I was a bird in a pervious lifetime :D

9. tattoos i want

okay, this is a long list :D The two that are the most important to me at the moment are memorial tattoos for my cat Chloe who died 3 years ago and my dog Roamer who passed just before Christmas last year.

I have a tree planned for my back, various song lyrics for various places all over my body. A Doctor Who tattoo, a raven one, and at least 3 Sailor Moon ones ;)

12. ideas of a perfect date

I am very much a dinner and a movie or dinner and drinks kind of date. I like to hang out, share some food and wine and just talk. I’ve gone on really fancy formal dates and really super casual ones and its the casual ones that have gone the best and they’re the ones I remember the most.

13. life goal(s)

Go back to school and finish my degree, travel, go the Disneyland, SDCC at least once, and meet Guillermo del Toro so I can tell him how much his movies mean to me.

<3 <3

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